So, you decided to take that next step in your advertising journey and get into digital advertising? That’s great – Here are a couple tips on how to build effective ads to help you get started!

1. Let it breathe!

This might sound like common sense, but an overcrowded ad is bound to fail. Trying to say everything in one ad is not the way to go – remember, the attention span of an internet user today is around 8 seconds. If your ad is too wordy or has too many visual effects going on, people will automatically skip to the next one. You want to keep your message clear, simple and concise – if the customer wants more information, don’t worry, they will go and get it.

2. Make sure your call-to-action (CTA) is clear

Speaking of clicking, forget the traditional “Click here” button. Ok, yes, it tells your audience what to do, but it does not indicate what clicking will do or where it will lead them. Instead, go for something more precise like “Buy now” or “Download”, so your audience has clear expectations of what comes next. Also, make sure to align your landing page with your CTA – if you say “Contact us now!”, your phone number or a contact form should appear on the landing page.

3. Choose your format well!

There are many things to consider when choosing your ad format: who’s the targeted audience, what product are you promoting or what your overall campaign goal is. For example, if you are running an awareness campaign, Video Billboards and our Responsive Skin formats can be highly efficient, but if you want to generate conversion, you’ll need to look more into high impact formats such as Swipe or Dynamic Ads.

4. What’s in it for them?

Your company offers the best products on the market – you know that. Your customers also know that you know that. What they want to hear is what your company or product can do for them. With that in mind, your messaging needs to answer questions like “how the product can help your customer’s life?” or “What problem can it solve?”.

5. Test, test and test!

Finally, do not hesitate to test out your ads. You might want to build several versions of your ads and set up your parameters the same way for each to see which design works best. You can also just test out one element of your ad, like your CTA or your tag line. In either case, it’s a simple but highly effective way to optimize your advertising strategy, by knowing what audience reacts best to what ad.

Now that you know what to do to create awesome creatives, check out some common mistakes to avoid in a retargeting campaign before you get started!